Welcome to my e-commerce site, where you will find a selection of wooden jewelry and various artisanal projects imagined and handcrafted by me.

​I am originally from Reunion Island and started my business after earning a degree in wood construction engineering and working as a project manager in the renovation of Parisian buildings. The goal of Eberthom is to showcase my creativity and passion for craftsmanship. I use upcycled wood to create unique and original pieces, while also prioritizing environmental sustainability.

​I strive to provide my customers with high-quality products made from premium materials. I hope you enjoy my selection of artisanal products and don't hesitate to follow me on Instagram to stay up-to-date with my future creations.
​Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or special requests. I'll be happy to help you find the perfect product for you or design a custom product that best meets your needs and desires

Thank you for your trust and see you soon on my website!

brown wooden round ornament in close up photography

Raw material

​I mainly use reclaimed woods, ranging from offcuts of boxwood from a cutlery where I worked, to closet doors made of Ovangkol destined for the landfill, to an old Tamarind log from a felling in Réunion.

​For the metals I use, I strive to find high-quality products to ensure the best possible longevity for my creations, such as 925 sterling silver plated with gold for earring hooks.


​I take pride in working in an artisanal manner, using mainly hand tools to create strictly unique objects! They are unique due to the use of wood, which makes each piece different like a fingerprint. Also, each piece is individually crafted with hand saws, chisels, and files, with patience and attention to detail.